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Social Studies

Welcome to the Social Studies department homepage!

Social Studies Classrooms

Mr. Duncan's Class

Subject: Social Studies
Welcome to Mr. Duncan's Class-For US History and Sociology students please use my US history and Sociology web site for additional information (links at the bottom). Both web sites will have extra documents and material needed for this adventure...

Mr. K Jones' Classroom

Subject: Social Studies
Mr. Jones' World History Class Information Welcome to Mr. Jones' Class for World History Students please click on the link to take you to my World History Google Classroom: Google...

Mr. Lhuillier Classroom

Subject: Social Studies
1st Period U.S. History (Access Code: JR5N-B633-T7JHR) 3rd Period World History and Geography (Access Code: M6C4-BDJ6-QKTZN ) 5th Period U.S. History  (Access Code: TDJV-K5GT-6D6BB ) 6th Period U.S. History/Geography  (Access Code: HVSQ-...

Ms. Panza's Classroom

Subject: Social Studies
Hello! Welcome to my class webpage! This is where you can find information on remote learning.  Please click on "Remote Learning Info" to read about grading expectations, attendance, and office hours.

Mr. Schmidt's Class

Subject: Social Studies
Hello! Welcome to Mr Schmidt's Classroom.  In addition to my website (blue button below), I will be operating out of Google Classroom as the primary vehicle for distance learning.  The class calendars on my website will be kept up to date, but...