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Ms. Saunders' Classroom

Social Studies

Welcome to Ms. Saunders' Class

Hi everyone! I am really excited to meet you for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.  I hope you're all safe, healthy and that you're finding ways to stay active and busy as we continue to adjust to our ever changing world!  I'm looking forward to our  learning adventure and navigating our adventure together during this continued historical event known as the Covid-19 Pandemic! This is where you can find information about learning expectations, grading, attendance, and office hours. 

Learning Expectations: We will be in person but if we end up being in a situation to learn remotley we will be using Schoology again this year. If you have any questions you can communicate with me in person, email, message me through Schoology or request a google meet (virtual face to face meeting). 

Assignments:  Most assignments will be in class assignments, you will only have homework if work was not finished in class or if you were absent.  If you are absent then Schoology is where you will locate your assignments, we will practice locating assignments on Schoology in the classroom as well.

Grading:  Formative assignments will count for 20% of your grade and include discussions, notes and any learning or practice that leads to a Unit test. Summative assessments will count for 80% of your grade and include the Unit assessments to demonstrate the new knowledge and skills you have learned.

Attendance:  Attendance will be recorded daily for each class period. If you are within the first 10 minutes then you will be marked tardy, if you arrive past the 10 minute mark then you will marked as an unexcused partial absence.  This is a school and district wide procedure.

Office Hours:  Academic support time on Wednesdays is the best way to come in and get help and work on your assignments.  I am always open to communication in person or via email to organize an office hour time if Academic Support time does not work out.

I am super excited to meet you guys!