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Ms. Dorsey's Classroom


¡Hola y bienvenidos!

On this site you can find all the information you need for your Spanish class - Google classroom info, assignments, calendar, office hours, etc. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns

 Aquí se encuentra toda la información necesaria para tu clase de español - información de Google Classoom, tareas, el calendario, horas de oficina, etc. Favor de avisarme si hay preguntas. 

Office Hours/Horas de oficina - 

During the times below I will be available to check in and support you in your remote learning. You can email with questions or concerns, or click the link that corresponds to the day to join a Zoom Meeting to chat with me  (Zoom chats will be available daily from 10-11:00 am) See google classroom for the links.

Google Classroom Codes-

1st Hour Spanish II- up3avqt

2nd Hour Spanish II- ioq27bh

3rd Hour IB IV/V-dzlm6nv

4th Hour Spanish II- qey3c2k

6th Hour IB Lang A I- eerskz3

8th Hour Spanish II- q5uhtbp

Assignments, Grading and Attendance/Las tareas, las notas y la asistencia

Assignments will be posted in the Google Classroom on Monday of each week of Remote Learning. Students will be assigned 1-3 assignments per week and should expect to spend approximately 1 hour during the week to complete the assignments. Attendance will be taken on Friday and will be based on the student's engagement in completing the assignments. If students attempt all parts of each assignment, they will be marked PRESENT in IC for the week and their grade will remain stable. If a student does not attempt all parts the assignments, they will be marked ABSENT and their grade will lower.

Se puede buscar las tareas cada lunes en el Google Classroom. Los alumnos van a recibir entre 1 y 3 tareas cada semana y deben planear con pasar 1 hora con hacerlas durante la semana. Se marcará la asistencia los viernes y se basará en el esfuerzo del alumno con hacer las tareas. Si el alumno intenta todas las partes de cada tarea de la semana, estará PRESENTE en IC y la nota estará estable. Si el alumno no intenta hacer todas las partes de las tareas, estará AUSENTE y bajará la nota.