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Ms. Montelongo's Class



Welcome to our new distance learning!!!

Our new way to have class has come with some challenges for all of us. Let's do this the most easily and excited everyone.

Please make sure that you check your google classroom, all the assignments will be there.

 Office hours

You can email me or zoom during this hours:


               Monday and Wednesday:     10:00am - 12:00pm

              Tuesday and Thursday         10:00 am - 11:00 am  

                                                                   1:00 pm -  2:00pm

                 Friday                                    10:00 am - 11:00 am

Google Clasroom Codes:

Period 1 -  aipvj7x

Period 2 - ouxpwr4

Period 3 - 37lpaiv

Period 4 - sj527tn

Period 6 - anrpu6u

Period 8 - weg2nmd

Attendance Expectations

Attendance will be recorded every Friday after 2:30 pm

To be marked present, students must meet minimum or exceed the engagement and task completion expectations both categories are explained below:

Enter your agreed upon minimum engagement/task completion expectations

Enter your agreed upon exceeds engagement/task completion expectations

Students who submit work after the deadline will keep their current attendance and subsequent grade until staff can adjust it the following week.

Grading Expectation

- Grades will be contingent upon students meeting or exceeding the minimum attendance (engagement and task completion) requirements. Students that achieve this will maintain their third quarter grades. Students that exceed this may improve their grades. Students that do not achieve this may see their grades lowered.

- Students that would like to improve their third quarter grades should work directly with their teacher.

- In the Remote Learning section of the gradebook a score of "0" means the student did not meet the minimum expectations, a score of "1" means the student met the minimum expectations, and a score of "2" means the student exceeded the minimum expectations.