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Mr. Arp's Classroom


Hello! Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate the world of online learning together! Listed below are my office hours, ways to get in contact, and other important information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! When in doubt, just reach out :)


  • IB Physics 1 (1st)

  • Physics 1 (2nd, 3rd, & 7th)

  • CP Physics (6th)

 Office Hours:

  • Monday/Wednesday - 10am-11am AND 12pm-1pm

  • Tuesday/Thursday - 10am-11am AND 2pm-3pm

  • Friday - 10am-12pm


Ways to Contact Me:

**Please note that Google/Zoom face to face meetings are possible, as well. Please contact to set up**


Online Learning: 

All class assignments, important announcements, and resources will be available on our class period's Google Classroom page. All students should already have access to our Google Classroom page; if not, here are the codes for each class period:

  • 1st period IB Physics: w3uzgi2

  • 2nd period Physics 1 - akbausc

  • 3rd period Physics 1  - u65qmie

  • 6th period CP Physics - coaxcpf

  • 7th period Physics 1- 5tl5sd5

**If for some reason you cannot get into our classroom, please contact me!**



  • Attendance will be recorded every Friday after 2:30 pm

  • To be marked present, students must meet minimum or exceed the engagement and task completion expectations both categories are explained below:

    • Every week will consist of 1-3 tasks. If there is only one assignment that week, it will be divided into three tasks.  The minimum requirement is the completion of 1 task per week. 

    • Tasks will be completed as assigned and instructed.   Grades will look at completion of task and/or correct work (problem solving, answers, etc.)

  • Students who submit work after the deadline will keep their current attendance and subsequent grade until staff can adjust it the following week.


  • Grades will be contingent upon students meeting or exceeding the minimum attendance (engagement and task completion) requirements.  Students that achieve this will maintain their third quarter grades. Students that exceed this may improve their grades. Students that do not achieve this may see their grades lowered. 


  • Please note that grades will not adjust throughout the quarter, and the only grades entered will be one weekly grade on Friday. This grade WILL NOT change the overall grade in the course until the END OF THE SEMESTER.

  • Students that would like to improve their third quarter grades should work directly with their teacher.

  • In the Remote Learning section of the gradebook a score of "0" means the student did not meet the minimum expectations, a score of "1" means the student met the minimum expectations, and a score of "2" means the student exceeded the minimum expectations.

  • Please let me know if you have any questions.