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Mrs. Hamer's Classroom

Physical Education

Hey everyone! I have missed seeing you in class and I am very excited to see you all back this year! This is my 4th year at THS. I love teaching PE and Health. My true passion in life is volleyball- It is my favorite thing outside of my family!

I will do my best to help in any way that I can, so please do not hesitate to email me at or send me a message on Schoology if you have any questions! 

You will be able to find the class Syllabus/expectations at the top of your Schoology page.

All assignments each week will be posted on our Schoology page. If you miss a day and need the make up work, check Schoology or email me for details.

Hamer Office Hours:
During the following hours, I will be available to talk to you about your grade, any questions you have, or about anything you may need. These office hours will be great to reach me by email or I can also do a Google call, by request.

Period 1- I will be available, and usually in my office (Women's locker room)
Period 4- This is a work time with my department, but if I am available, I can help
Period 6- This is my lunch time, but if I am available, I can help.

My Email is:

Attendance and Grading:

Summative Assessments and Projects are 80% of the overall grade
Formative Assessments and Projects are 20% of the overall grade

You need to come to class! If you miss a class, please see Schoology for make-up work so you do not fall behind.