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Ms. Connolly's Classroom


Hello World. 

My name is Denise Connolly and I teach Seniors English/Language Arts IB Standard Level as well as Theatre I and Theatre II.  As we navigate through virtual learning together I would like to reassure you that we will be flexible, consistent, and with any luck entertaining. 

Listed below are my office hours, ways to get in contact with me, and other important information. If you have any questions, please contact me via email or phone.

Office Hours:

  • Monday/Wednesday - 10am-11am AND 2pm-3pm
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Friday - 10am-12pm

My Contact Info:

  • Email --
  • Phone -- (970)984-8151 
    • Please leave a voicemail and a good number to contact you back.  
  • Google Classroom- - 
    • I will respond to comments and questions on Google Classroom.
  • Zoom--
    • Moving forward we may be using Zoom, but I will post that information on the Google Classroom. 

Online Learning: 

  • Google Classroom- 
    • All class assignments, important announcements, and resources will be available on our class period's Google Classroom page. All students should already have access to our Google Classroom page; if not, please contact me. I have invited students who were absent into the Google Classroom on their student emails.  Please have your student check their email if they are not currently on the Google Classroom.
      • Flipgrid--We will be using Flipgrid but it will be embedded in the Google Classroom with instructions, etc.
      • Zoom--We may use Zoom for some office hours. Those links will be posted in the Google Classroom along with times, etc. Be advised I will be using the "waiting room" feature, which means when you first join a meeting you will be placed in a waiting room until you are invited in.


  • Attendance will be recorded every Friday after 2:30 pm
  • To be marked present each week, students must meet or exceed the minimum engagement and task completion expectations. Both categories are explained below:
    • Minimum: Students must attempt each of the three assigned tasks for the week. This will require at least 15-20 minutes of work on each assignment.
    • Exceed: Students must complete each of the three assigned tasks for the week. This will require 30-45 minutes of work for each assignment.
  • Students who submit work after the 2:30 deadline will keep their current attendance and grade until staff can adjust it the following week.


  • Grades will be contingent upon students meeting or exceeding the minimum engagement and task completion expectations.
    • Students who complete the minimum requirements will maintain their third quarter grades. 
    • Students who exceed the minimum requirements may improve their grades. 
    • Students who do not meet the minimum requirements may see their grades lowered.
    • Students who would like to improve their third quarter grades should work directly with their teacher.
  • In the Remote Learning section of the grade book, 
    • a score of “0” means the student did not meet the minimum expectations. 
    • a score of “1” means the student met the minimum expectations.
    • a score of “2” means the student exceeded the minimum expectations.
Technology: If a student is in need of a technological learning device, please use the information below to contact the district. They should leave their name, Student ID number, grade level, and that they attend THS.   Phone:  (720) 972-5555 Email: