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Ms. Hammermeister's Classroom


Greetings and welcome to Ms. Hammermeister's Classroom!  I teach Junior IB Standard Level English Language Arts and 10th Grade MYP English Language Arts.

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Schoology Classroom Access Codes Updated as of 8/29/21

  • 1st hour: PZ46-BKR6-RZS22
  • 2nd hour: Q97Q-7ZVJ-BBTG8
  • 4th hour: PN78-2CGB-M2GXX
  • 6th hour: VFSB-WGDN-68BVD
  • 7th hour: 4D4M-XXST-X66MN

Office Hours 

  • I am available during office hours:, in person, via school email, Schoology direct messaging 
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:  5th hour  (11:45 - 12:20) and 8th hour ( 2:37  - 3:30), or by appointment 
  • Tuesday and Fridays: 2nd hour (8:50-9:25)
  • Wednesdays: 7:45 - 1:00 (during asynchronopus learning)


  • Attendance will be recorded daily in Infinite Campus


  • TBA / Grades will be contingent upon students meeting or exceeding the minimum engagement and task completion expectations.