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College & Career

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Requesting Letter of Recommendation from Teachers and Counselors

To request a letter of recommendation from you Teachers and counselor, you MUST complete the Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire in Naviance. Log in and click on the "About Me" tab, then find the questionnaire on the left side under "Surveys To Take."

Deadlines for Requesting Letter of Recommendation:
Forms are due at least one month before your earliest college application deadline. Note specific dates:

App Due                   Forms Due
Oct 15                           Sept 15
Nov 1                            Oct 1
Nov 15                          Oct 15
Dec 1                             Nov 1
Jan 1                             Before Thanksgiving Break
Jan 15                           Before Thanksgiving Break
Feb 1                             Jan 1

Web Sites For College & Career Information:

Common Application allows you to apply to over 700 colleges using one application.

Naviance is an excellent resource for college and major/career seaches, as well as scholarships.

CollegeBoard prepare for PSAT and SAT, search for colleges, major/careers and scholarships.

Colleges That Change Lives 40 small colleges that you may never have heard of that provide quality educations

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) out-of-state students pay no more than 150% of in-state tuition at participating schools, compared with nonresident rates that can exceed 300% of in-state rates.

eCampus Tours virtually visit over 1300 college campus!

Alternatives to College:

VOCATIONAL TRAINING & CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS - Is a four year university just not the right choice? Perhaps a trade school or a vocational program at a community college is a better match. A number of well-paid and rewarding careers can be attained through vocational certificate programs.

Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation

Campus Explorer 

GAP YEAR - is a year or semester that students take off typically before enrolling in college. It doesn’t have to be time hanging out at home -- "gappers" often work to save money, volunteer, intern, or perhaps study a language abroad. Most students elect this time off because they don't feel prepared for college or they're looking for more life experience first. 

EF Gap Year

Gap Year Fairs

Journeys Are Made @ Gap Year

Center for Interim Programs

One World 365

MILITARY ENLISTMENTThere are five branches of the U.S. Military: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Each branch involves the armed defense of our country and requires a specified period of commitment. Beyond being a form of service, the practical benefits of being in the military are another reason to consider joining.

You can also visit the website or speak with a military recruiter for the branch(es) you may be interested in joining:

Air Force               1-800-423-USAF
Army                      1-800-USA-ARMY
Coast Guard          1-800-424-8883
Marine Corps       1-800-MARINES
National Guard    1-800-GO GUARD
Navy                       1-800-USA NAVY

WORKFORCESome students are interested in immediately entering the workforce for a year or two after high school before deciding on their college path. 

Connecting Colorado

Colorado's Top Jobs

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Job Shadowing E9to5 is designed to help high school students make choices about possible careers. This one-of-a-kind mini-job shadow allows students to see, first-hand, how industries work, ask questions, and network with local professionals.