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Students who plan on participating in NCAA Division I or II college athletics must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Students who participate in NCAA Division III college athletics do NOT need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.  To register, students will visit the website the Eligibility Center website where they will develop a login and password during their junior or senior year of high school.

Requesting Transcripts:
Initial Transcripts:
Once students have registered with the Eligibility Center, they must request a transcript to be sent from Thornton High School to the Eligibility Center. Students do NOT need to use Naviance for this request because the NCAA has its own system for transcript management.  Receipt of the document will show up in the "my tasks" section of the student's Eligibility Center account.

Final Transcripts:
On roughly June 1 of each year, counselors will send a final transcript to the NCAA for every graduating senior who has created an Eligibility Center account.  Any graduating senior who has created such an account does NOT have to request their final transcript to be sent to the NCAA; it will be sent automatically.

SAT Scores:
In addition to transcripts, students must also have their SAT scores sent to the NCAA directly from SAT; scores are NOT accepted by the NCAA if they are sent from THS or included on the transcript. To accomplish this task, students should visit CollegeBoard and have their scores sent to the NCAA (school code #9999).

Note Of Caution:
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the classes they are taking will meet the outlined NCAA Eligibility Center needs. Ms. Laurent is available to assist students in the process, but cannot guarantee that a student will be cleared by the NCAA. Through the Eligibility Center website, students can see a complete list of all approved courses by looking up each school they have attended and reading its 48H Form.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association

P.O. Box 6222 Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222
NCAA Hotline: 800-638-3731
NCAA Eligibility Center: 319-337-1492
NCAA Eligibility Center Website

NCAA General Information and FAQ website
NCAA Initial Eligibility Resource Index
NCAA Division I Rules Power Point
NCAA Eligibility Quick Reference Guide
Information about qualifying for an NCAA fee waiver can be found in the attachment below.

Students interested in participating in athletics for colleges/universities who are part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics must go through a similar process to that of the NCAA.  They can begin by visiting the NAIA Eligibility Center's website.


Students interested in participating in athletics for junior colleges can learn more on the National Junior College Athletic Association website.

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