HLSU Metro Competition


Mural Category and Theater Category

On Dec 8, the Hispanic Latino Club competed at the Journey Through Our Heritage competition at Metropolitan State University.  They took first place in the mural category and first place in the Theater category.

Of the mural, Judge Stephanie Porteous said, "This mural was awesome!  You can tell that work was put in. Great representation of Art, Culture, and Symbolism.  Only team so far that has explained their mural completely.  Great Job!"  Judge Jay Jaramillo said, "Wonderful use of color, iridescent part, and multiculturalism! Your inclusion of many country flags and the warriors of multiple cultures, truly expert. The student body of THS!   The symbolism of the sun and shield and headdress (helmet) shows strength and power of working together!
Of the theatrical performance, Judge Kelsey said, "Okay, for real, GREAT DELIVERY of both the spoken word and song. You guys were so enthusiastic, contagious.  Loved having student led guitar and  loved the incorporation of the audience.  SO GOOD."
Judge Sonia remarked, "Very powerful mixing of two cultures and struggling for an identity is something we have all experienced.  You did a great job!  I love that you included the audience in this interactive journey.

We are now in the process of working with the City of Thornton and Dist 12 to begin work putting the mural on the support pillar of the walk over bridge next to our school.  Professional mural artist Jay Michael Jaramillo (alumni of THS) has agreed to work with our lead artists (Moises Navarro, Jennifer Olivas, Juliette Hernandez, Jose Delgao, Leslie Lopez Flores, Cristian  Lara, Randy Nguyen, Galilea Rodriguez, Victoria Escobedo) to direct the group as we paint the mural on the bridge.